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  • [NEWS] SEED OF CHINA FACEBOOKkeywords´╝ÜSEED CHINA FACEBOOK date´╝Ü2016-01-18 00:09:24 click´╝Ü163

  • [NEWS] Lanterns Made to Greet Upcoming New Year in Central Chinakeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-06 19:46:42 click´╝Ü134

    A villager airs the newly made lantern in Donghuafeng Village of Wuzhi County, central Chinas Henan Province, Dec. 30, 2015. Local villagers in recent days were busy in making red lanterns to greet the upcoming new year. [Photo: Xinhua]...

  • [NEWS] Seed Law of the People's Republic of China 2004keywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-06 19:07:44 click´╝Ü125

    (Adopted at the 16th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Ninth National Peoples Congress on July 8, 2000, promulgated by Order No. 34 of the President of the Peoples Republic of China on July 8, 2000, and amended in accordance with th...

  • [NEWS] China adopts revised Seed Lawkeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-06 19:06:39 click´╝Ü172

    BEIJING, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) -- Chinas top legislature on Wednesday adopted revisions to the Seed Law, the first change to the legislation after it was enacted in 2000. The revised law left the major-crop seed approval system unchanged, but ha...

  • [NEWS] Chinese legislature to better regulate seed industrykeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-06 19:06:21 click´╝Ü140

    BEIJING, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- Major revisions to Chinas Seed Law began Friday to better regulate the industry, which is second only to the United States. A draft amendment to the Seed Law was submitted to the top legislature for a second re...

  • [NEWS] Agriculture in Chinakeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-06 19:03:55 click´╝Ü84

    I. Overview of Agriculture in China 1.1 Climate and Resources China has a vast terrain territoryúČwhich runs across five climate zones from the south to the north and gradually ascends from the east to the west like a three-step staircase,...

  • [NEWS] GIAHS Pilot Site 1: Qingtian Rice-Fish Culture, Zhejiangkeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-06 19:01:08 click´╝Ü152

    Qingtian County is located in the southeast of Zhejiang Province and the lower reaches of Ou River. It is of subtropical monsoon climate with abundant rainfalls. Nearly 90% of the total area is covered by mountains and hills. Qingtian rice...

  • [NEWS] China completes vanilla genome sequencingkeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-06 19:00:45 click´╝Ü163

    FUZHOU, Feb. 11 (Xinhua) -- Chinese scientists have completed the genome sequencing of Vanilla Shenzhenica, providing insight that will further fuel research into vanilla and the development of related industries. The genome sequencing pro...

  • [NEWS] CAAS finds ARF18 gene affecting seed weight and silique lengkeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-06 18:59:51 click´╝Ü170

    According to a recent study led by Professor Wang Hanzhong, a researcher of Oil Crops Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), the auxin-response factor 18 ( ARF18 ) gene in Brassica napus L could control...

  • [NEWS] Most beautiful villages Top 10 in Chinakeywords´╝Üdate´╝Ü2016-01-06 18:22:14 click´╝Ü168

    The One-Thousand-Household Miao Village of Xijiang Known as the biggest Miao village in the world, the One-Thousand-Household Miao Village of Xijiang is located 36 kilometers northeast of Leishan County in the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Aut...

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